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» Information about Execution
Sun Dec 04, 2016 12:10 am by Midnight

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Information about Execution

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Information about Execution

Post by Midnight on Sun Dec 04, 2016 12:10 am

Execution was originally known as Deadly_Warriors. The guild was made on a game called Shaiya. I originally came up with the idea of the guild back when I was on Teos server and Phoenix had just came out that was a new Shaiya server and it was very popular. What ended up happening was I decided I would check out Phoenix 3 days or so after it originally came out. Which as you can imagine it being a new server it was very popular. The first guild that I had ever joined on there was Hamz guild called Raising Phoenix. I liked the guilds name at the time. However there was a part of me that didn't really feel like I was a part of it. Hamz was an alright guild leader but he seemed like he mainly cared about himself at times. I was a priest at the time and no sadly I can not remember the name of it. What happened after was I spent days trying to get a few people to help me make a guild because at that time you had to have 7 active players to create a guild. Eventually I ran into a guy named Holy and believe me at that time I thought he was a she cause I mean come on he played a girl toon. Then too I was not much different I played a guy toon people thought I was a guy til I finally just told them that I was a girl. I wasn't sure who all I could trust on phoenix at the time. My guy toon name was Allen. So after I met Holy he helped me get a few more members to at least help me make the guild and that of course is when I met Sovereign who was one of the people who first helped me make it. It took a lot but we finally got the guild going. Now you guys are probably wondering what happened to it. Well it became one of the most well known guilds ever on that server. We had our times of struggles but over all you know we ended up having a guild that to this day no one has forgotten and a lot of my members are still saying to me they've not found anything else like it. What happened to it was terrible. I ended up having some real life issues and I was gone from the game for a long time. By the time I came back restarting it just didn't seem like it was going to happen. So I took the few active members who had waited for me and we made Execution which turned out to become just as popular as Deadly Warriors had. However we grew a lot of haters because a lot of us had gotten higher level since that time and people would bash us a lot because we were getting all of the nice people. The drama was just too much for us as the light side had gotten a lot of drama starters in trade and it was to the point that there was just too much of it. There was some drama in the guild as well but it made things easier once it all got solved. A lot of my guildies were wanting to move over to fury side at the time but well lets just say that I took my time going there. Once I was there though after awhile it was like a whole another side of things. There were a lot of nice people who didn't even seem to mind that we had come from the light side. I didn't reveal myself at first but once I got comfortable there I did. I ended up joining a guild called Dark Asylum with the few Execution members left and yes sadly our guild on the light side died even after we tried remaking it into DW. I have no regrets to this day joining the fury side because it was better for us.
Anyways the past is in the past. We have lots of nice photos of what Execution was in our photo gallery. Sadly I have none of Deadly Warriors as my computer that had those photos crashed. What my hopes are for Execution in this game is that we will become a full fun-loving guild once again without all the drama attached. I want to bring forewords to everyone peace of mind and I want everyone in this guild to feel as though they belong. Im planning on a lot of things and I am hoping that we will have fun with all the stuff that is planned. You guys are probably wondering one thing. Why then did she recreate Execution if Deadly_Warriors was just as amazing? Well the answer to that is simple and stupid. The game wouldn't let me make the full DW title and I didn't want to have to repeat to millions of people what DW stands for if I had abbreviated it. So I figured since I couldn't remake DW I could remake Execution and you guys have no clue how grateful I am that we have it again.


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